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doctor-smells-farts-and-eats-ass-facefarts.mp4 [468.59MB] – Nobody is a better fart sniffer and ass eater than Doctor Sniffstra in this ultimate Farting and Ass Eating video. This Toilet Slavery specialist is a dream come true for us as women. He doesn’t shy away from the smell or taste of a woman’s ass or her farts.

If you are a woman and you have a Farting problem I highly recommend Doctor Sniffstra. As women we tend to hold in our farts because it’s not ladylike to fart, especially in public. This cause severe bloating and then you are unable to fart.

Doctor Sniffstra licks your ass and the taste of your asshole helps him diagnose your problem. Most of the time he prescribes a thorough Ass Eating and tongue fucking your asshole to work your farts loose like he did for me in this amazing 23 minute video.

Oh and you don’t need to get up and run to the bathroom because Doctor Sniffstra is a REAL MAN who welcomes you to fart right into his mouth and face while he probes your butthole with his tongue. What a wonderful Doctor and GENTLEMAN.

I had a whole week’s worth of very loud and stinky farts and I contorted and contracted in amazing pleasure and delight from feeling my loud and wet stinky farts slipping over his tongue and feeling him eat my farts.

It felt so amazingly good that I was excited when he schedules another appointment for me to fart in his mouth.

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